Twelfth Erasure Tribute Archive

Image courtesy of Robin Hudson

In 1996, in response to a tribute produced by Monty Singleton titled "Vince-Esque", an Erasure-focused tribute was produced and released by Twelfth of Never Productions. Tracks recorded by fans on the Wonderland emailing list were submitted, mastered and put together for release. It was titled "A Dreamlike State, The Erasure Tribute" and contained 11 tracks, one of which previously appeared on Vince-Esque.

Unfortunately, my original copy of Vince-Esque was lost and will not be a part of the archive download options.

For those curious, scanned images of the Vince-Esque insert can be seen here and here.

The follow up Twelfth tribute was released the next year, in 1997, titled "Looking Glass, the Second Erasure Tribute." It contained 21 tracks and used up an entire 90 minute tape. As such, one track had to be edited down and two didn't make the cut. The two unreleased tracks are now available in the archive.

Originally the tracks for both Twelfth tape releases were mastered to CDR and then line-in dubbed from CD to cassette. For every copy sold. But I'll admit, even despite the tedious chore of dubbing... the projects were fun in the end.

I learned a lot, made a lot of mistakes and even then, 25 years later... I still feel like we did a pretty decent job. Especially with what was available to us at the time.

Since both Dreamlike State and Looking Glass were composed of tracks that were originally submitted on tape (Tape > CD > Tape), the tracks from these two releases will have slight tape hiss and brief drop-outs. I couldn't do too much to clean up the tracks during the mastering process as, with the software I had then, it also meant the risk of compromising the fidelity of the recordings. That was just the nature of the technology at the time.

In 2000 "Under the Covers" was released. All tracks were submitted digitally (either via CDR or WAV), so no tapes were involved this time. CDR prices also became much more reasonable and it allowed us to release this project on CD with a low at-cost price to fans. Web hosting then was still rather expensive due to low data quotas so I couldn't do a full online release.

Then time marched on and then we all kind-of forgot about it. Whoops.

I'm hoping that those involved aren't wanting to continue to have forgotten about their contributions. When I happened upon the tribute files while looking for some other tracks in my archive for someone, I gave them a listen for the first time in over a decade. I'll have to admit that, despite some rough edges, there's a lot of charm in the tracks that were recorded.

I think we had something special here.

So that's why I'm releasing the entire tribute archive. For those who want digital copies of the tribute tapes they purchased and for those who missed out on any of the three Twelfth tribute releases the first time around.

For the 2021 archive release:

  • Newly scanned inserts for the tape releases,
  • All tracks in 192k Stereo MP3 with new ID3 tag information,
  • All tracks ReplayGain tagged for more consistent listening volume,
  • All tracks straight from my master CDRs, no further changes made.

    Again, because the first two tributes had their tracks mastered from cassette tape, there will be slight hiss and some brief drop-outs on some tracks. The original tapes are long gone.

    Hope you enjoy.

  • Tracklistings and Download Links:

    A Dreamlike State, The Erasure Tribute (1996)
    70.9MB ZIP Download, 11 tracks, 45:19 playtime.

    1: Neil Hardie - Spiralling
    2: davidmahr - Dreamlike State
    3: Three Ties and a Skirt - Always (Acapella)
    4: Monty Singleton - My Heart So Blue
    5: Eric Mars - Oh L'Amour
    6: Shades of Grey - Tragic
    7: davidmahr and Deved Smith - Angel
    8: Mark Plummer - Breath of Life
    9: Roland Weber - A Little Respect (Dreamhouse Version)
    10: Joe Haverly - Love to Hate You
    11: davidmahr - Am I Right?

    Looking Glass, the Second Erasure Tribute (1997)
    150.3MB ZIP Download, 23 tracks, 1:38:37 playtime.

    Side 1:
      1: Tremendous Pop Orgy - A Long Goodbye
      2: Julia Brown - A Little Respect (Drums Up Front Mix)
      3: Amanda Leamon and Mark Plummer - Blue Savannah (Azure Mix)
      4: Digital Soldiers - Hideaway
      5: Sergio Martin Gabas - Love Affair
      6: davidmahr - Only You (Mirror Mix)
      7: Steve Ball and Craig Robinson - Chorus (The Odd Mix)
      8: Emotional Machines - How Many Times
      9: Neil Hardie - Take me Back (Lonely Mix)
      10: Julia Brown - Stay With Me (Stands of Time Chorus)
      11: Eric Mars - Crown of Thorns
    Side 2:
      12: Tremendous Pop Orgy - Push Me Shove Me (F Penelope and James Mix)
      13: Mark Plummer - Leave Me to Bleed (Sanguine Mix)
      14: davidmahr - If I Could (Mirror Mix)
      15: Digital Soldiers - Spiralling
      16: The Man - Don't Suppose
      17: Kalvin and Shan - Miracle
      18: The Cheap Bastards - Tenderest Moments
      19: Emotional Machines - Hallowed Ground
      20: Norsez Orankij-anant - I Love Saturday (In Bangkok Mix)
      21: Julia Brown - A Long Goodbye (Sanctuary Chorus)
      --: Mike Grey and Richard Cummings - Breath of Life
      --: Neil Hardie - Intro/Sweet Sensation (Mirror to Your Soul)

    Under the Covers, an Erasure Tribute (2000)
    115.4MB ZIP Download, 20 tracks, 1:18:00 playtime.

    Note: If you have the Until the Twelfth of Never collection, you already have this copy of Under the Covers.

    1: the time before - Intro/Guess I'm into Feeling (Wilderness of Space Mix)
    2: A Modern Effigy - Who Needs Love Like That
    3: Norsez Orankijanan - In My Arms (Out of Bangkok Mix)
    4: MHz - Treasure (de la rua boton mix)
    5: Eric Mars - Crown of Thorns
    6: Electrazou - Piano Song
    7: Made in China - The Soldier's Return (Blitzkrieg Mix)
    8: Eric Miller - Rain
    9: deadred - Always
    10: Shades of Grey - Tragic
    11: Meretrix - Sono Luminus
    12: Stefan Forslund - Home (Home Version)
    13: davidmahr - If I Could
    14: dMENTIA - Hideaway
    15: Clay Barker - Rock Me Gently
    16: La Fin de Tout - The Circus
    17: Quite - Push Me Shove Me
    18: Digital Soldiers - Stop!
    19: Echo Image - Breath of Life
    20: Neil Hardie - Spiralling

    Other (Non-Twelfth) Tributes:

    The following are other Erasure-related tributes that were not produced or released by Twelfth of Never... but are included online as a curiosity as these releases are out of print.

    It Never Happens to Me - A Vince Clarke Substitute, 1996, 14 tracks in 160k Stereo Mp3. (Discogs)

    Sometimes (A Tribute to Erasure), 1999, 11 tracks in 160k Stereo Mp3. (Discogs)